The windbreaker originated from the military coat of the western
battlefield during the First World War and was called the “war suit.”
The style features a double-breasted front placket, a cut piece on the right shoulder, an open bag,
a belt with the same color, a shoulder strap, and a sleeve placket.
After the war, this coat was first popular as a women’s wear,
and later it was divided into men’s and women’s lengths, and developed into a waist-worn, straight, hooded, collar, sleeve, pocket and body.
Various cutting lines are also varied and styles vary.
Its lining is generally made of nylon silk, which is soft and smooth, and prevents shrinkage.
It is popular in the modern era and has the effect of protecting the tops and decorations, more than the spring and autumn seasons.
Whether it’s a workplace or a leisure, a classic model can be done.