Most of the weather in the region belongs to the temperature difference between morning and evening.
Wearing a sweater at noon is hot, wearing short sleeves and cold in the morning and evening,
Wear it in the cold in the morning,
wait until the temperature is high at noon,
and you can take it off at any time. You can wear it at any time in the evening.
The coat, also known as the Windbreaker, is the outerwear.
The jacket is generally large in size,
with long sleeves that cover the other clothes on the upper body when worn.
The front end of the jacket has a button or a zipper for wearing, and the jacket is generally used for warmth.
The main types of jacket: 1, down jacket 2, windbreaker 3, leather clothing 4, fur 5, cotton jacket
This shop belongs to the main windbreaker category
Windbreaker is a windproof and light coat.
It originated from the military Windbreaker of the western battlefield during the First World War.
It is suitable for spring, autumn and winter wear.
It has the characteristics of flexible and changeable,
beautiful and practical, fashionable and easy to carry.